Trend Alert: Mini-Moons

Honeymooning immediately after your wedding is a wonderfully romantic way to begin your marriage. But scrounging the cash (and/or vacation time) to whisk off to Provence for two weeks right after their wedding isn’t a reality for all couples.

If this sounds familiar, then why not consider a mini-moon: a two- or three-night stay somewhere close by that won’t break the bank and that will have you back in the office in time to meet that important deadline.

Stay at a bed and breakfast in a nearby wine region or catch a quick flight to a romantic North American city, such as Montreal, Quebec or Charleston, South Carolina.

If one of you desperately needs to be back in the office by Monday and can’t even swing a mini-moon, consider staying at a local hotel and going out for an intimate dinner on Sunday night. This way, you’ll extend that magical post-wedding high, rather than going home to piles of dirty laundry.

You can take that dream Caribbean holiday when it works with your schedule and budget.

Image(s): iStockphoto

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