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Alternative Wedding Gift Registries

If you’re like most betrothed couples, you and your fiance(e) shacked up before you were engaged. Which means you probably already have a toaster and measuring cups and egg beaters. While most couples are sticking with traditional gift registries, some affianced duos, their kitchens fully stocked, are opting for honeymoon or charity registries.

If you’re among the domestically-equipped, check out some of these totally customizable, alternative wedding registries.

1. Traveler’s Joy 
Philosophy: “Skip the blender. Create lifelong memories with your honeymoon registry.”

How it works: The honeymoon registry lets you build a registry with your anticipated vacation activities and experiences. Guests give monetary gifts toward your dream honeymoon activities and experiences, including flights, hotel rooms and spa treatments. If your airline tickets to the Maldives cost $1600 each, you can divide that total cost into individual parcels that people can purchase to contribute toward the overall cost. There is a small fee for members, but it’s free for your guests to contribute to the registry.

2. I Do Foundation
Philosophy: “Celebrate generously.”

How it works: There are a couple of options with this charity-based registry site. You can open what they call an “I Do Registry” through one of their partnered retailers (Macy’s and Target, among others) and a percentage of every gift will go to a charity of your choice. Or you can do a “Donation Registry” where 100% of the contributions from guests go to your selected charity.

3. Upon Our Star
Philosophy: “A wedding registry for wishes, not stuff.”

How it works: You and your partner state your wedding wish, which could be anything from a your dream wedding bands to education funds for your future children. Name your wish, divide the total cost(s) into smaller units, and guests can contribute monetary gifts toward an experience or big-ticket item (down-payment, anyone?) that will long outlast fluffy new towels.

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