Top 5 Valentine’s Day Movies & Why They’re Worth Watching

Making dinner at home with your main squeeze and cozying up on the couch to watch a movie afterward is a romantic and budget-friendly way to spend Valentine’s Day. Here’s a look at our top five rom-com picks that’ll give you that lovin’ feelin.’

5. Valentine’s Day
Because the plot might be as flavorless as conversation hearts, but the sexy ensemble cast is a buffet of scrumptious eye-candy.

4. Shakespeare In Love
Because who doesn’t love bodice-ripping stories of forbidden Elizabethan love?

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Because it’s a touching, hilarious movie that seamlessly combines stunning Hawaii vistas, broken hearts and vampire musicals.

2. When Harry Met Sally
Because Nora Ephron was a genius and this scene in a crowded Katz’s Deli never gets old.

1. Crazy, Stupid Love
Because seeing Ryan Gosling in the (almost) buff is the only gift you’ll need this Valentine’s Day.


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