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6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Party

Inviting someone to be in your wedding party (maid of honor and bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen) is a way of honoring close friends and family. Also, these people help with the planning and executing of this large celebration. There are no hard-and-fast rules about selecting a wedding party. For example, if the groom wants his sister in his wedding party, no problem! Select those whom you really want to have there to support you.

1. Give plenty of notice so potential attendants can consider their roles and book travel and time off work, if necessary.

2. Don’t worry about symmetry: If there are more bridesmaids than groomsmen, for example, it’s no big deal.

3. Don’t worry about gender: if it’s appropriate to the situation, the bride can have a “man of honor” or the groom can have a “best woman.”

4. Make sure that those asked actually want to be in the wedding party. It’s a lot of responsibility and financial commitment. Be upfront about your expectations. If anyone declines your invitation, try not to take it personally; it’s likely the person would love to be included, but is limited by a busy schedule or tight budget.

5. Make sure they all know what they need to do. For lists of the duties traditionally performed by members of the wedding party, go to the PLANNING TIPS tab in the 2life Weddings app. You’ll need help, so don’t be afraid to call on them.

6. Thank all attendants, preferably with a gift.

Image(s): Steve Cowell Photography