Fun Double Date Ideas

Double dates can be an awesome way to interact with friends and have your sweetie at your side as a bonus. There is something about double dates that just brings everyone closer. However, coming up with ideas for a regular date can be stressful enough, and planning for another couple to have fun as well? Forget about it! So let us do the planning for you.

Classic: You can never, ever go wrong with dinner and a movie. Having a few drinks while enjoying a nice meal gets the conversation flowing with ease. This date idea is perfect for getting to know everyone or just for catching up. Pick a movie that you can all bond over (something scary or funny works best). If you’re looking to put a twist on this, get some comfy lawn chairs and head to the drive-in!

Different: Sometimes it’s nice just to try new things, or things just the two of you wouldn’t normally do. A picnic is a fun double-date idea, especially if it involves wild animals! Pack a delicious lunch and take it the zoo — you can admire the animals and get some exercise at the same time. Another unique option: take a class (cooking or life drawing or pottery) and learn something new as a foursome.

Sentimental: To let loose after a long week, choose activities that let you feel like kids again! One sentimental activity we love is bowling. “I haven’t been bowling in years,” you say? That’s precisely the point! Who will get the strikes and who will stay in the gutter? Bowling is a game filled with laughter and will be great for a bonding session. Or if it’s a nice summer day, head on over to the amusement park, ride some roller coasters and win your sweetie a stuffed animal (and don’t forget to indulge in some corn dogs, popcorn and other carnival treats).

Affordable: You don’t have to break the bank to have a good time. If you’re watching your budget closely, invite a couple over for a board game night. Everyone can help cook up a nice feast to enjoy and then it’s time to play games. Old favorites like Scrabble, Cranium and Charades are sure to be a hit. Playing games makes everyone open up and have fun, at absolutely no cost.

Active: Get outside in the dead of winter by asking another couple to hit a skating rink with you. When you’re done twirling around the ice, head out for some hot cocoa and chit-chat. In the hot weather, take a day at the beach. You can be as active or as lazy as you like: play Frisbee, go for a swim or just lounge around in the sand.

Image(s): Lisa Valder

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