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The Perfect Wedding Gift for Art Lovers

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to register for all sorts of goodies: luxurious linens, fancy dishes and nifty appliances, but what if you could also put your name down for something truly one-of-a-kind? Thanks to EYE BUY ART you can do just that. EYE BUY ART, a website that specializes in affordable fine-art photography, has partnered with two super-talented artists (Jennifer Steen Booher and Lori Hepner) to offer custom works of art for wedding couples. The original pieces, which range from $1,000 to $4,500, make ideal group gifts for multiple guests.

Jennifer Steen Booher scours the beaches near her home in Maine to find interesting discarded objects to photograph (see above). She is now also offering bespoke portraits featuring personal memorabilia. Imagine having mementos of your relationship (think ticket stubs, souvenirs, gifts, etc.) immortalized in honor of your wedding. We can’t think of a better piece of art to hang in your newlywed nest! For an example of Booher’s custom work, check out this blog post on The Jealous Curator.

Lori Hepner creates abstract portraits with custom-built software (by converting letters into flashing bursts of binary code). Using her incredible technology, Hepner can transform your wedding vows, tweets or love letters into colorful works of art (check out the example below)! She can even customize the colors to match your wedding decor scheme. Talk about a unique wedding gift you’ll treasure forever!

Hepner_2Find out about these artists and more by flipping through EYE BUY ART’s 2014 Wedding Gift Guide.

Image(s): EYE BUY ART

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