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Slow Food Picnic

The first official day of summer is on Saturday, and there’s no time like the present to plan a romantic alfresco meal. Adopt the philosophy of the Slow Food movement, which counters fast food and fast life, and take time out to indulge in a laid-back picnic. Here’s what to do for this kind of date…

1. Schedule a full day with no other plans.

2. Decide where you will go. Suss out a location that is as peaceful as possible, away from cars, buildings and smog. Big trees will provide fresh air and shade, and nearby running water can keep you cool while providing sweet background music.

3. Visit your local farmers’ market, dairy and bakery to find fresh, seasonal, local ingredients. Shopping locally helps keep your eco-footprint light.

4. Let the foods in your picnic basket (fruit and veggies, cheese, crusty bread, wine) be a primary source of entertainment. Make sure you both take part in the meal-prep process: it helps create a real connection with what you’re eating, as well as with each other.

5. Make your picnic eco-friendly. Use reusable plates and cutlery, limit food waste, and don’t feed the animals.

6. Leave all your electronic devices at home. All of them. Engage in meaningful conversation or read to each other from your favourite books (actual hard-copy books, that is).

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Image(s): Foto Hunter