A Pin-Worthy Nursery Makeover

When I’m not blogging for Curious Citizen, I love dedicating time to another one of my passions, interior design. I’m always honored when I’m asked to help plan or make over a space, especially when it’s a project near and dear to someone’s heart. This was definitely the case with my most recent design project — a nursery for the imminent arrival of a new little bundle of joy.


When my friend Sheri asked me to help design the nursery for baby #2 I was super excited, but also a bit nervous. I had never tackled a nursery before. What do I know about kids? But my enthusiasm trumped my trepidation, so I dove headfirst into a sea of Pinterest inspiration and childhood whimsy.

We started with a handful of existing furniture pieces (remnants of life in a downtown condo), a bright north-facing room, and a request for all things pink, to welcome the new baby girl. The end result is a sweet and sun-filled nursery, that’s equally welcoming for parents, big sisters, and the brand new baby.


The exquisitely beautiful, and highly functional FLOR rug in Re-oriented Pink comes in a series of 19” x 19” tiles that can be assembled in any order. Perfect for spills or wear – just replace the square and move on. Here we’ve layered it with a  faux sheepskin rug that’s luxuriously soft for walking moms and crawling toddlers.


The cherry blossom wall decal was a surprise. We thought it would come in one large decal to roll out and put up, but instead it came on two small sheets, with each piece done as an individual item. It took an hour and a half and some serious blind faith, but in the end, the result was spectacular.


For more info, or for inquiries on design work, check out the Citizen Design website.

Daniela Andrews is the founder of Curious Citizen, a lifestyle blog where she shares her unique point of view on life, style, travel, food, and design. Her writing has appeared in The Kit, National Post, and blogTO. She created Curious Citizen as a way to share her unique view with the world.

Image(s): Courtesy of Curious Citizen

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