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Newborn Photo Shoot: A Priceless Investment

When I asked a friend if there was anything she wished she had done differently after her son was born, she gave the most brilliant answer: get professional newborn photos taken. “It seems like another expense and hard to plan at the time, but babies are that little for such a short time, that it’s sad not to have cute, good photos of that time.”

I couldn’t agree more. Most of the photos that I took during the first few weeks of my daughter’s life were shot on my iPhone, and full of clutter in the background. Not exactly frame-worthy. And now that she’s a year old, I so wish we had done a newborn photo session.

Check out this beautiful photo shoot of Beth and Nadim with their daughter Lola from Molly Park Photography — and then call your favorite local photographer to book a newborn session, stat!

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Image(s): Molly Park Photography