Live 2life To Its Fullest

We know the drill: it’s wise to get to know each other before you make the big commitment. So go ahead, get to know 2life! It costs nothing to download 2life Basic, create a joint account, and use the app. There are a few features that are limited, but only in number — not in functionality — so you can try everything. You may even decide it’s enough for you.

But we’re pretty sure you’ll decide to upgrade to 2life Premium. For just $10 a year — that’s $5 each! — you can have unlimited access to all the tools, plus premium features to come in the updates we’re planning. It’s the best ten bucks a year you can spend on your relationship!

Yes, that’s less than a buck a month. You might find that much between the couch cushions, or in the pockets of your jeans when you’re doing the laundry. It’s less than a coffee or a subway fare will set you back. Really, this commitment isn’t that big after all.

We love 2life. If you love it too, consider making the commitment to 2life Premium.

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