KitchenAid’s New Take On A Coffee Classic


As the saying goes, “everything old is new again.” Over a hundred years ago, a German housewife by the name of Melitta (sound familiar?) Bentz invented the first coffee filter and made a cup of coffee by pouring boiled water over the ground beans, and the “pour over” method was born.

All kinds of coffee makers have come along since then, from simple drip machines to fancy ones with all kinds of features, serving up varying results. But the humble pour-over remains one of the best ways to extract the best flavor and brew delicious coffee.

So, combining the old with the new, KitchenAid® introduces its Pour Over Coffee Brewer, which replicates the manual process in a typically sleek and stylish countertop appliance. It heats the water to just the right temperature, staggers the flow over the grounds just as a well-trained barista would, and makes up to 8 cups, all at the touch of a button. The brewer meets the exacting standards of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, earning it a coveted SCAA certification (which means that it will consistently deliver delicious coffee!).

KA_Pour_over_Coffee2Additional features that coffee lovers will appreciate include the option of a medium or dark roast setting, which adjusts the brewing temperature slightly higher or lower to get desired results. A cup selector allows for a specific number of cups to be brewed conveniently, reserving the remaining water in the tank for future use. An easy-to-read digital display includes Heating, Pouring, Steeping and Enjoy indicators to bring the brewing process to life. Available at Home Outfitters. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

Image(s): iStock; product shot courtesy of KitchenAid

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