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Romantic Day-After Wedding Photo Shoot

Maybe there was a torrential downpour on your wedding day, or perhaps your photographer was stranded in a distant city due to airline delays. Or, maybe you’re just looking for an excuse to slip into that fabulous gown again. There are many reasons why couples choose to have photos taken after their special day. Take, for example, real-life (and absolutely gorgeous) couple Jessica and Nic. They loved the photos from their wedding day (taken by a close friend), but Jessica had always dreamed of having wedding portraits done by photographer Melissa Gidney. So, they scheduled a post-wedding day session at Nic’s family’s farm in Langley, British Columbia, and the result is an artist, rustic. (How amazing is that bouquet from Celsia Florist?) As Jessica writes below, having portraits taken after their wedding let her and Nic have some romantic alone time, posing for photos in a more relaxed setting.










From the bride… “When I had first met Melissa years prior and saw her work I immediately envisioned she would shoot my wedding, but we ended up hiring a friend of ours to shoot, and the photos did turn out spectacular–the day itself was absolutely incredible.

I was born in Victoria and my husband, Nic, grew up in Langley on a farm. When we first started planning our wedding we were going to have it on a farm on the mainland but with the majority of guests from Victoria it seemed more appropriate and costly to have it on Vancouver Island. Unfortunately there are not many farm landscape venues around Victoria.
There is no doubt that our wedding day was extraordinary, we had 100 of our family and closest friends pouring out their support and love for us! But with that being said, we really didn’t have much time alone. We actually set up our venue just an hour before our ceremony and reception, and yes I was out there in my wedding dress setting up décor.

Our session with Melissa was very magical. We really had the chance to have an intimate moment with each other celebrating our new marriage without the fast pace time frame of a wedding day, truly focusing on the love we share and capturing those moments. (And what girl only wants to wear her wedding dress once?!)

We decided to shoot at Nic’s family farm in Langley adding extra sentiment as our love really did unfold there. We incorporated some amazing horns and a stunning vintage crown to have some beautiful artistic shots that are very original.”

As originally featured on Fab You Bliss.

Image(s): Melissa Gidney Photography

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