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How To Stay Zen Before Your Wedding Day

No matter how organized your planning was, the weeks before your wedding will be insanely busy. Some things just can’t be done until then: You can’t make a seating plan until everyone’s RSVPed, and you can’t confirm your centerpiece order with the florist or make place cards until you’ve made the seating plan.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be stark-raving stressed. Here’s how to Namaste your way through the crunch-time chaos.

1. Absolutely no slacking. The key to managing your stress is to stay on top of your tasks. Make a list of two or three chores to do every day and make sure you do them. Once you let something slide – even if it’s just a phone call to the baker – things will pile up and you’ll have a towering list of To Dos in the days before your wedding. Keep the daily lists manageable; you’ll overwhelm yourself if you plan to do 15 tasks in one day and likely won’t get anything done.

2. Delegate. Rather than trying to be Superbride, ask your friends and family for help. Forgot to get a ring pillow? Ask your maid of honor to get it. If you’ve chosen bridesmaids gifts, but don’t have time for a mall-run, ask your mom to pick them up. This will free up time for you to do things that others can’t do – like write your reception speech!

3. Keep moving. It’s ironic that exercise, one of the most effective stress-relievers, is the first thing to fall by the wayside when we’re stressed. Stick with your weekly yoga class and boot camp sessions to reduce angst and stay focused. Don’t have time, you say? You probably spend an hour (or more) trolling Pinterest as a distraction from planning, so you might as well spend that time releasing energizing endorphins and burning calories!

4. Get your beauty sleep. You’re preparing for the biggest party of your life and you don’t want to look haggard on your big day. Set a curfew and make sure you’re in bed at a decent time. For example, no wedding chores past 11:00pm.

5. Have a girls night in. Plan a girls night a couple weeks before your big day and make a rule: Absolutely no wedding talk! Rent movies, order takeout and enjoy spending time with your friends without being “the bride-to-be.”

6. Get a massage. You’ve been working hard for the past few months (and weeks!) and you’re likely carrying the bulk of your stress in your shoulders and neck. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage before your wedding. You’ll feel lighter and less stressed and your aching scalenes will thank you!

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