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How To Look Fabulous On Your Wedding Day

We think women should love the shape of their body, regardless of how angular or Rubenesque it may be. That being said, we know many brides want to be in tip-top shape when they walk down the aisle. So, we asked BodyRock Sport fitness guru Kelly Dooley for some healthy tips on how to look and feel sensational on your special day.

What is the most important thing for brides to do in the months leading up to their wedding?
Dooley: Regardless of what size you are and what fitness regimen you have, you’re not going to see results if you don’t have a clean diet. One of my mantras is, “If you eat junk, you’ll look like junk.”

What are some examples of clean eating?
Dooley: Choose low-carb foods, stay hydrated and limit your sodium intake. And stay away from alcohol! The average cocktail has 700 calories, so no cosmos, mojitos or white wine. If you want to have alcohol, stick with red wine.

So what can I have for dinner that won’t leave me running for a pint of ice cream afterward?
Dooley: Nutritious salad concoctions, or what I call “Leftover Salads,” are so satisfying. Take whatever you have in your fridge and throw it together: strawberries, mixed greens, avocado, pine nuts, olive oil and lemon, and add some chicken or shrimp. It’s like flavor heaven!

What is the optimal fitness regimen brides-to-be should follow?
Dooley: A mix of high intensity interval training combined with strength training. I love Barry’s Bootcamp because it’s one hour of high-intensity training. It’s a shock to your system and you see immediate changes in your body. You will get the results you want if you combine clean eating with high-intensity training three times a week.

What are common workout mistakes?
Dooley: You can work out all of the time but if you’re eating burgers and fries and downing a few beers afterwards you’re never going to see the results. On the other hand, some women do too much cardio and lose a lot of muscle tone. It’s important to have some curves.

What are some easy and effective changes that brides-to-be can make to their diet?
Dooley: A great way to burn fat is to have small meals throughout the day, rather than having three larger meals. Snacking on a handful of almonds or carrots or a teaspoon of almond butter will keep your metabolism going.

What should brides do the day before their wedding?
Dooley: Drink lots of water. Go to a steam room. And stay away from salt because it causes bloating.

So, no Mexican food at the rehearsal dinner?
Dooley: No…no refried beans!

Image(s): Irene Chan

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