How To Declutter

1. Make a list and prioritize it. Check things off one at a time and make sure not to rush through it.

2. Put a simple system in place for incoming mail. The “pay, file or pitch” system works for most people.

3. Clear one area and keep it clear. This will get that organized feeling in your blood. Take pictures to remind you of your progress.

4. Buy and label containers. Use cardboard boxes until you know what kind of storage you need.

5. Create a “not sure” container. Put all of the things that are “maybes” in one box and schedule time to go through it in four to six months when you can look at it from a fresh perspective.

6. Find a home for everything. Things pile up without dedicated storage space.

7. Schedule decluttering time. Whether it’s a dedicated de-hoarding weekend or an hour a week, set aside specific times to tidy up–and be ruthless! Load the car up for charity and take it away. Right away.

8. Put a stop to impulse buying. And don’t accept things just because they’re free.

Image(s): Courtesy Gladiator GarageWorks

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