Happy Birthday Prince George!

Can you believe Prince George is already a year old? It seems like just yesterday we were watching a live-stream of St. Mary’s Hospital eagerly waiting for Will and Kate to emerge with their bundle of joy. We’ve certainly enjoyed watching him grow (he’s walking now! he has teeth!), and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

As any new parent will tell you, the first year of life with a baby is definitely a whirlwind filled with surprises, challenges and rewards. If you’re expecting your own little prince or princess, we highly recommend checking out these helpful articles: How to Survive Your Baby’s First Year and Zombie Mom: My First Year With Twins. These moms have been there, done that (and lived to tell the tale!), and their honest and insightful advice is sure to help you prepare for the life-changing year ahead.

Image(s): Clarence House

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