date ideas

Go Out To Dinner

This may be the most common and predictable of date nights, but it can still be a real treat. If you are gastronomically inclined and your budget allows, you may be happy to do this for your date night every week. Here are a few suggestions to keep it interesting…

* Start a collection of restaurants you would like to try. You can bookmark web sites in the 2life “links” section or make a “Restaurants to try” list, or go low-tech and write the names on pieces of paper to keep in a “restaurant jar” and pull out at random (allowing time for reservations!).

* Pretend that you are restaurant critics and write reviews. Keep them in a restaurant journal (you can use your 2life journal tool), post them on Yelp, or start your own blog.

* Agree in advance that you will each order something different and share everything.

* Order for each other. Or take turns letting one of you choose for both.

Image(s): Veer