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Dinner Party For 2

This is, of course, a cliché, but let us remind you how to make it special. One of you can be the host and the other the guest. The host can issue a formal invitation, specifying the time the guest should show up. If you are the invitee, stay out of the way until the appointed time, bring a gift or a bouquet of flowers, and dress up for the occasion. If you are the host/ess, set a gorgeous table for two, cook a gourmet meal, put on a romantic playlist, light the candles, and don’t forget to get dressed up, as well.

Alternatively, make shopping for and cooking the meal together the focus of your date.

For a twist (or a “light” version!), forgo the cooking part and have take-out. Serve pizza, sushi or fish and chips on your fine china. Why not?

To make it extra-special or surprising, find a setting other than your usual dining room or kitchen: on the rooftop (as seen in many a Hollywood movie), in a temporary gazebo in the garden, or on your condo balcony decorated with strings of fairy lights….

Image(s): Veer