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Beware The Rise Of Groomzilla!

Meet Groomzilla–a new breed of monster threatening to throw epic temper tantrums, treat its friends like they’re garbage and destroy anything that gets in its way of a perfect wedding day.

According to a survey done by David’s Bridal, 83% percent of millennial grooms are actively involved in making wedding day decisions, and 67% of brides report that there is at least one thing that would turn their guys into Groomzillas. Giving Bridezillas a run for their money, these demanding grooms are most likely to breathe fire when it comes to the guest list, music selections and honeymoon plans.

It’s hardly surprising that grooms want to be involved in wedding planning; this is, after all, their day, too. The survey found that 18% of brides wouldn’t trust their groom to make any decision without their input, and that 41% of brides don’t even trust their groom to pick out his own tux. Sheesh! It’s no wonder guys are pushing back a little. You’re going to be in a marriage together, right? So it seems obvious that you would start your lifelong union by planning the best day of your lives, um, together.

“We’ve become used to the traditional notion that the bride plans every detail of the big day,” says Brian Beitler, Chief Marketing Officer at David’s Bridal. “But what we’re witnessing in our stores is a shift in bride and groom stereotypes. Grooms are not only stepping up to the planning plate, but diving into wedding-day decisions and brides appreciate their contributions. From our perspective, and from my personal experience, weddings that are planned in partnership are often the best and most personal.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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