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Bachelor/ette Party Primer

Whatever entertainment is planned for your bachelor/ette party, here are some guidelines to keep it fun and safe for everyone.

1. Discuss with your partner and friends what kinds of activities you will both enjoy and feel comfortable with each other participating in. You might consider having a joint stag-and-doe party together–especially if you have mutual male and female friends who wish to celebrate with both of you.

2. Make sure the party is at least one week before the wedding so everyone will be rested after a late night out. Never have it the night before–think of those wedding photos!

3. Consider planning something that works within everyone’s budget. If planning a destination bachelor/ette party, ensure your guests know about costs upfront to avoid surprise expenses.

BeforeBacheloretteParty_4. Plan ahead. Your bachelor/ette party is an important rite of passage to share with your friends. Don’t make hasty decisions or leave it to the last minute. Allow plenty of time to organize and make any special reservations or requests if needed.

5. Don’t succumb to peer pressure. Be honest with your friends if there is something you would be uncomfortable with. No real friend would cause unnecessary embarrassment.

6. Anticipate problems. For example, if alcohol will be served, will guests need transportation to return home? Find a reliable mode of transportation, book a limo service or provide cab chits.

7. Know when enough is enough. Don’t drink too much or let friends encourage you to keep chugging. Consider your health, safety and not doing something you will regret tomorrow.

Image: Click Photography; Simply Rosie

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