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A GoPro Video That Will Melt Your Heart

When Addie and Marshall Burnette got married on the top of Roan Mountain, Tennessee, they decided not to use a traditional wedding videographer. Instead, they strapped a GoPro onto their Siberian Husky, Ryder, and trusted her to film the entire journey.

Marshall posted the video earlier this month to YouTube where he wrote “It was cold and magical. Our dog, Ryder, insisted on filming the wedding video, so we let her do her thing. She took a while to edit the footage, but we think she did a great job.”

“The cool thing about it is that we eloped to the same mountain where we had our first date 10 years before, and it just so happened to snow two feet that day,” Addie revealed, when describing their magical wedding.

Set to “Spirit Cold” by indie folk band Tall Heights, the video follows the entire wedding, from the bride getting dressed, to the beautiful ceremony amidst Roan Mountain’s snowy terrain, through to the reception in a house, where the dog is frequently surrounded by snack-holding little kids. The best part is just before the ceremony, when Ryder gets to run free through the snowy woods. This is a wedding video that will surely melt your heart. Enjoy!