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about us

About Us

2life is more than an app: It’s also a media and marketing company and, dare we say, a mindset. In a word, it’s about “partnership.”

The 2life app is designed and developed with love in Toronto, Canada. It is the culmination of the team’s many years of combined experience in publishing, marketing, innovation, development, and creating win-win solutions.

Our Story

2life is new, but the company behind it has been around for a while. Before launching 2life, 2 for Life Media had already spent almost a decade immersed in the world of coupledom under the name 2 for Couples: a gender-neutral lifestyle media brand and magazine specializing in relationships and lifestyle.* With the exception of some custom publishing projects, we have been all-digital since 2010.

Early on in the company’s history, president and founder, Diane Hall, had the idea that couples needed an easy way to coordinate their lives together even when they were apart — a communication tool with a calendar, shared lists, and so on. We explored the possibility of a website-based tool, but back then, the technology was just too clunky. Fast forward through gigantic technological leaps, the proliferation of mobile devices, massive changes in the publishing industry, and cultural shifts brought about by social media, and here we are: The time to implement that idea has come. And so we have launched 2life, an app that cuts through the clutter in this now hyper-connected world so that two people can communicate and share information quickly and conveniently in a dedicated space.

But our long dreamt-of app is only part of the 2life story. In conjunction with its release, we have re-branded our digital media properties under the name of 2life. We still produce content about real couples and the real lives they lead, with a view to entertaining, informing, challenging and inspiring them. As well as being on our website, our content is fed dynamically into the 2life app.

We have added an important new element to our content and to our mission, The Power of 2. It reflects not only our own commitment to social responsibility and philanthropy, but also the social consciousness that is burgeoning among young people and reverberating through all aspects of society.

We believe that deep and meaningful partnerships are more important than ever in our rapidly changing world, on every level. We sincerely hope and believe that 2life is a valuable tool for building solid personal relationships; we are also excited about forging partnerships with like-minded brands, companies, and causes and integrating these into the 2life experience in a tasteful and meaningful way to build the relationship of a lifetime.


* Founded in 2004, 2 For Couples captured the many interests of 25- to 39-year-old young urban couples. Our flagship property was our magazine: It entertained and informed couples on all aspects of their lives, including relationships, home, personal style, finance and leisure activities. In 2010 we switched from a print publication and became the first (???) Canadian magazine especially designed for the iPad. We also had a website, a YouTube channel, several other apps for iPad and iPhone, and a presence on social media. In 2011 our Royal Wedding app (Will and Kate were the world’s most famous couple!) received widespread media attention around the world.

2life: your world made better*

We believe that deep, meaningful relationships and partnerships are more important than ever in our rapidly changing world. Our commitment is twofold: first, to enable the communication, love and sharing that foster strong personal relationships; second, to build innovative partnerships with like-minded people, brands, and causes. We are determined to make a difference, not only in the everyday lives of individuals, but also in communities at large.

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