A Gift From Bed Bath & Beyond


There are plenty of good reasons to register at Bed Bath & Beyond, now with locations across Canada: its vast selection of famous brands, registry know-how and perks, and legendary customer service, to name but a few.

Here is one more excellent reason: Register at Bed Bath & Beyond and get a free two-year upgrade to 2life Premium ($20 value). The upgrade gives you unlimited photos, lists and journal entries in the 2life Ultimate Wedding Planner app.

To receive your free two-year upgrade:

1. Start your registry at Bed Bath & Beyond by following the link below. Make a note of your registry number.
2. Go to the settings tab in 2life Ultimate Wedding Planner app.
3. In the promo code field, enter BBB followed by your registry number.
4. Tap DONE, and voila! You now can live 2life to its fullest, with unlimited lists, photos and journal entries. (After the wedding, you can switch to 2life; your data and upgrade will follow you.)

Start your gift registry at Bed Bath & Beyond now.