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9 Totally Wicked-Rad Sports To Try

Here are nine great activities to try that are fun and adventurous, and will help get you and your partner in tip-top shape!

1. Rock Climbing
Nothing says “I love you”—and builds rock-hard relationships—like holding your climbing partner’s life in the balance and not letting go of the rope. It’s all about trust.

2. Adventure Racing
Teams compete in a race that features a combination of two disciplines, such as mountain biking, running, paddling and orienteering. Do the real thing and mock those TV posers on Survivor.

3. Curling
Despite its grey-hair reputation, curling offers fitness and cardio benefits. Plus, you get to hear your partner scream “Harder, hurry, hard” over and over again.

4. City Sports
Switch up your training routine a little by competing in an urban adventure game where locals get their game on in beefed-up versions of childhood classics such as Capture the Flag and Manhunt.

5. Parkour
Simple in theory, demanding in reality, parkour involves running and making your way over obstacles—from park benches to parked cars—using only your body. It combines simple cardio with explosive muscle training and balance.

6. Kitesurfing
This total-body workout demands cardiovascular fitness, a strong upper body, plenty of base strength and solid core muscles.

7. Longboarding
Relive your youth while maintaining some semblance of civility. Longboarding is easy to learn and offers cardio, core muscle and base strength exercise. And, let’s face it, surfing the concrete is always cool.

8. Geocaching
This sport involves searching for treasure outdoors (there are hundreds of thousands of caches around the world), using your wits and a fella’s best friend: GPS technology.

9. Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate is the new softball and boasts huge cardiovascular benefits that you won’t find jogging around the bases. It’s quick and fun, and rec leagues are opening up across the country.

Image(s): Raymond E. Biesinger

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