7 Essential Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments (& When To Get Them Done)

All eyes (and cameras!) will be on the bride on her big day. Look and feel sensational with these 7 tips for pre-wedding primping and preening.

1. Facial
Why? Slough off those dead skin cells and let your pores breathe for radiant, camera-ready skin.
When? Facials can cause irritation and red blotching, so if you’re a facial virgin, book your first treatment 4-6 months in advance and see how your skin reacts. If you don’t have any negative side effects, go ahead and book your bridal facial two weeks before your wedding.

2. Teeth whitening
Why? Because you’ll be doin’ a whole lotta smiling on your big day!
When? If you’re getting it professionally done at a dentist’s office, the treatments might begin three months before your wedding. If you’re doing an at-home procedure, you’ll need to start the brightening process a couple weeks before your wedding.

3. Eyebrow Wax
Why? There’s nothing worse than getting all dolled up and having unruly ‘brows. Defined eyebrows are an important part of your bridal look, so be sure to get them waxed, plucked and trimmed into shape!
When? 3 to 5 days before your wedding

4. Bikini Wax
Why? Because we assume you’ll be consummating your marriage?! Plus, you’ll be bikini ready if you’re honeymooning somewhere hot.
When? 3 to 5 days before your wedding

5. Massage
Why? Your shoulders will be up to your ears after months of wedding planning and you want to be a relaxed bride. Nothing ruins a gorgeous photograph like poor posture. Plus, releasing the knots in your neck and shoulders will help you stand tall as you walk down the aisle.
When? 2 days before your wedding

6. Manicure
Why?Your bridal look won’t be complete without perfectly polished fingernails. Regardless of your wedding manicure style, you want to make sure you that your hands and fingernails don’t get neglected.
When? 1 day before your wedding

7. Pedicure
Why? If you’re wearing sandals or peep-toe pumps, you’ll want to get your toenails painted for that oh-so-essential stiletto photo opp.
When? 1 day before your wedding

Image: Levi Stolove Photography

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