5 Things to Love About Married Life

Prepare yourselves: people like to ask newlyweds if married life feels different. Personally speaking, my husband and I lived together before marriage. We even had a family pet (Oscar the cat). Would things really change that much after we made it official? Well, I’m happy to report there were no seismic shifts (thank goodness!), but our relationship has definitely evolved since saying “I do” nearly two years ago. As you plan your own special day, don’t forget to think about what it means to be married, and to ponder all the wonderful things that lie ahead.

Here are five aspects of married life to look forward to:

You have new titles (and you like them). I have to admit, using the terms “husband” and “wife” is a nice part of married life. They just feel right — more grown-up and serious than “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” Your new titles might take some getting used to (I remember thinking: I have a husband???), but pretty soon “husband” (or “wife”) will be rolling off your tongue.

You can be a total weirdo (within reason), and your husband/wife still has to love you! So you like to belt out show tunes in the shower; put ridiculous hats on the cat or watch crappy reality TV shows — these aren’t deal-breakers anymore. They’re part of the wonderful (and wacky!) package your spouse committed to, and it’s all part of the fun!

Marriage brings a new-found sense of security. And we’re not just talking about the financial stability that can come with married life. We’re talking about the fact that your partner officially has your back no matter what happens. You might not know what’s around the corner, but you do know who will be by your side offering a shoulder to cry on and words of encouragement. “For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,” you have each other to depend on no matter what.

The future is bright, and it’s time to start planning. Brainstorm about baby names, peruse real estate listings and research exotic travel destinations. Even if a child or a house or a vacation isn’t going to happen immediately, it’s still fun to dream about all the amazing married life milestones that lie ahead of you.

You have a built-in best friend. The post-wedding hibernation phase is real: you will want to hang out with your husband/wife all the time — and you don’t need elaborate plans to enjoy yourselves. Sometimes a quiet night with your loved one is all you need: order some takeout, turn on Netflix and pretend the world outside doesn’t exist.

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Image: Jamie Delaine

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