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5 Gift Registry Tips to Make Your Guests Love You (Even More)

1. Register. Period.
Weddings and showers mean gifts. That’s just the way it is. Your friends and family want to contribute something nice to your new life together, and while some may insist on choosing for themselves, many just want to know what you would like or need. Don’t make them guess.

2. Register Early.
There may be gift-giving events in the months leading up to the wedding (engagement party, showers). Besides, you need to allow a fair bit of time to shop around, discuss your options, and get the actual job of registering done.

3. Consider Their Budgets.
When it comes to gifts, there is no “minimum purchase required.” Some people just can’t afford to spend much, so give them options (and forgive them if they choose no gift at all!). At the other end of the spectrum: big-ticket items that a gang of friends or colleagues could pitch in for. Be sure to register for plenty of items in a variety of price points. Keep tabs on your registry as the big day approaches to make sure there are still various options for last-minute shoppers.

4. Consider Their Feelings.
Some guests will feel more comfortable giving you a “traditional” wedding gift such as crystal glasses or a kitchen appliance, so don’t be too radically modern and register for only, say, camping gear. Include a wide variety to make it pleasant and easy for guests to choose.

5. Say Thank You.
In writing, for every gift you receive. Do so as soon as possible after receiving the gift, and certainly within three months after the wedding. If you register at JCPenney, you can use the JCPenney app to send thank-you videos as well!

For more registry tips, watch this short video from JCPenney.

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