WATCH: 5 Awesome Proposal Videos Of 2013

Flash mobs? Yep. Romance? Duh. Aaron Paul? You bet! Popping the question is a monumental event in one’s life, and these folks didn’t take the task lightly. 2013 was a stellar year for proposal videos, and we’ve got our top five favorite videos for your entertainment.

5. Flash Mob in Central Park: Tourists milled about the famous Bethesda Fountain in NYC’s Central Park last June when, all of sudden, a flash mob erupted and Deanna got the surprise of a lifetime: a romantic proposal from her boyfriend, Giordano.

4. Most Romantic Way To Get Pulled Out of a Meeting: Sometimes love makes us do crazy things, like stand on top of a bus and proclaim your feelings to the love of your life as she watches, bewildered and smiling, from her office window. That’s what love inspired Jeanne to do, and this is her romantic proposal to Alissa.

3. Mountaintop Proposal: We applaud Dave’s classy proposal plan. Step 1: Pop the question on top of a mountain on a brilliantly sunny day. Step 2: Pop a bottle of bubbly and toast your new relationship status. Seriously, does life get any better?! Check out behind-the-scenes photos from Natalia Anja Photography.

2. Home Depot Flash Mob: A trip to Home Depot has never been so dancetastic! Be prepared to smile, tap your toes and possibly shed a tear all within the next five minutes. You might also find yourself wanting to hug someone after Dustin and Spencer’s epic post-yes embrace.

1. Aaron Paul Helps Fan Pop the Question: Jason, a talented singer and pianist, wrangled together a bunch of his musician buddies to surprise-serenade his girlfriend Jackie with the song that they did a drunken duet to on their first date. Oh, and Jason also managed to get a personal message from Jackie’s favorite actor: the swoon-worthy Aaron Paul.

Image(s): Natalia Anja Photography

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