2life Ultimate Wedding Planner App For Couples

Here are 6 ways the 2life tools can help you plan your celebration together. If you haven’t connected with your partner yet, tap here for instructions. (You can also use this app solo.)

1. Collect and comment on photos. Create an inspiration board: snap or upload photos of venues, invitations, cakes and other ideas that you love. Photos can be shared from the app with your wedding party and vendors.
2. Manage lists together in real time.  Making your own to-do lists will help you and your partner keep track of tasks like calling the florist, booking the band, etc.
3. Create shared calendar events. The CALENDAR is perfect for scheduling vendor meetings, fittings, pre-wedding parties, etc. Events entered in the 2life calendar are shared with your partner.
4. Bookmark and share web links. 
Use LINKS as a virtual three-ring binder to keep important websites, such as your fave planning tools (guest list manager, budgeter), Pinterest board, gift registry, etc. close at hand. 
5. Write in the journal, individually or together. 
Write your vows or keep notes about your wedding in a shared journal, or use a private entry if you’re planning a surprise for your partner!
6. Opt-in to “Notifications” in your device settings.
We promise not to bombard you with unnecessary marketing messages. It’s a simple way for you to receive an update when your partner creates or updates a calendar event, shares a link, uploads or comments on a photo or sends you a chat.



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