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it takes two

2life Baby is a mobile space dedicated to your journey together toward parenthood. Stay connected, informed, and up to date.

The activity screen summarizes what you've both been doing in the app so you don't miss a thing.

Tapping on a cell takes you right to where the action is.

Once you've added your profile pics, they'll indicate who did what.

Your private
hot line

Send messages to each other quickly and for free in this private chat space — love notes, quick updates, or whatever your heart desires.

Unlimited instant text messaging, always private and secure.

App-specific alerts and notifications let you know when a message has arrived.

Do dates

Now either one of you can update your shared schedule.

Calendar is instantly updated across devices when an event is added or edited in 2life.

Your own events are displayed along with shared ones.

Check it

Share lists of any kind — baby names, nursery to-do's, wish lists, DIY projects...

Lists are instantly updated across devices when either of you makes a change.

Link support with in-app browser.

2life Basic includes 3 active lists. 2life Premium allows unlimited lists.

Capture the moments

Collect photos to document your pregnancy, along with whatever other photos you want to share.

Private and secure.

Use device camera or choose from your photo library.

Add a caption or comment.

Option to share to your social networks.

2life Basic includes up to 20 photos. 2life Premium allows unlimited photos.

Notes to selves

A place for longer-form notes that you can write individually or together.

Each of you can write private notes.

Write notes to each other.

Create documents together — a pregnancy journal, questions for the doctor, memories, brilliant ideas...

2life Basic includes 2 journal entries. 2life Premium allows unlimited entries.

your virtual

Bookmark web links for all your online pregnancy and parenting resources to have them always at your fingertips.

Save links that you want your partner to check out.

You can browse the web and open links without leaving the 2life app.

Link names can be edited.

gear up

From soothers to strollers, find everything you'll need for your baby.

what to expect

The 2life Baby week-by-week pregnancy guide serves up tips and tidbits... and a few laughs.

Highlights of your baby's development.

Tips for mom and her partner.

Suggestions for coping as a couple.

Links to additional information.

name that baby!

Browse Nameberry to find the perfect baby name.

Search 1000s of baby names by letter, ethnicity, gender, and more!

pleasing reading

Let us entertain you — and inform you, and inspire you — while you're on the go.

Easy-to-read articles that don't weigh you down with TMI.

our top picks

Browse our curated selection of resources for expecting parents.

get inspired

Browse our galleries of beautiful images and products reflecting the latest trends for expecting couples.

Carefully chosen selection is refreshed and updated frequently.

all about you

A place to store information your partner may need to know about you.

Add or change your profile pic. It shows up throughout the app to indicate "who?".

Add important personal stats for your partner's future reference.

live 2life to its fullest!

Upgrade to 2life Premium. Only $9.99 US per year covers both of you — or take advantage of our free upgrade offer. Here's what Premium gets you:

Unlimited lists, photo and journal entries.

Yet-to-be-released VIP features.

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Tap into 2life Baby...
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1. check your specs

Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, 2life Baby requires iOS 7.1 or later.

2. download the app for FREE

When you launch it, we'll walk you through the registration process and help you invite your partner.

3. live the 2life!

If you love it, upgrade to the premium service (in-app purchase or special offer promo code) for more 2life. And spread the word!

2life basic

Incredibly useful and enjoyable in itself, 2life basic lets you use all the features. It includes:

Free download and use of the app

Chat, calendar, in-app browser and link sharing, 3 active lists, 20 uploaded photos, 2 journal entries, plus our content: week-by-week pregnancy guide, helpful articles, resources, inspiration galleries, and more.


Please visit our support page.

2life premium

Enjoy all the benefits of 2life Basic, but with unlimited lists, photos, and journal entries.

Upgrade within the app. Cost per joint account (covers both users):

  • $9.99 US for one year
  • $3.99 US for three months
  • Our gift to you: Create a gift registry with one of our featured registry partners and receive a free two-year upgrade to 2life Premium. Visit the help section in the app for instructions on how to claim your upgrade.