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12 Things You Need To Know Before Your Engagement Shoot

Every couple deserves beautiful, romantic engagement photos that capture their love and connection. But achieving a swoon-worthy e-session takes some creativity and planning ahead. Here, Joshua and Arica Klassen, the adorable and talented spouses behind the lenses of Manifesto Photography, dish on how to achieve picture-perfect engagement photos.


– Bring a few outfits (at least one should be casual) and a bunch of your favorite accessories.

– It’s important for you to feel beautiful (or handsome, if you’re a fella), but also comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable in your clothing, it will show in your photos.

– Check the weather before you leave the house and bring coats, mittens and an umbrella if it’s cold out or the forecast calls for rain.

– Don’t be a clone couple! Dressing in complementary colors or outfits looks great in photos, but avoid clothing that is overly matching.

– Your clothing should be clean, pressed and lint-free. (Tip: bring a lint brush!) Clothes that have tiny stripes, large graphics or writing will take away from your photos.

– Wear eye-catching accessories, like a brightly colored scarf, stylish hat or chunky jewelry.


– Ladies, make sure you get a manicure because it’s time for your engagement ring’s close-up!

– You might also consider getting your hair and/or makeup professionally done. This is not the time to experiment, though. Stick with hairstyles and makeup that have worked for you in the past.


– Work with your photographer to create a custom concept for your shoot. A theme can be designed around an activity that you love doing together (tennis, anyone?!) or a meaningful location.

– Your clothing should complement your location and theme. Style your shoot with props, such as fresh flowers, vintage books, instruments or a retro bicycle. These details are an expression of your personalities and lend to the overall desired effect.


– It can be a little nerve-racking smooching your sweetie in front a camera, but the more natural you are with each other, the more natural your photos will look. Kiss. Hug. Laugh your heads off if you want! Just be yourselves and let the photographers capture your connection.

– Remember, this is supposed to be fun! So, relax and enjoy this special time with your partner; once you start kissing and cuddling up to each other, you’ll forget all about the camera!

Images: Manifesto Photography

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