10 Best Websites and Apps for Couples in 2019

Looking for some online resources that’ll help you strengthen your relationship? We’ve got you covered with this list. We’ve rounded up the best websites and apps for couples in 2019 so that you can shake up your dates, communicate better, manage your finances, get fit, remodel your home and do just about anything else as a team.

Here are the best websites and apps for couples in 2019.

Communication and Organization: 2life

Naturally, if we’re talking about the best apps for couples, we have to toot our own horn a little. 2life really has everything you need to take your relationship to the next level. With everything from shared calendars, photos and to-do lists to private chat, a journal and date ideas (and much, much more) the 2life app can help you organize, spice up and strengthen your relationship.

Date Ideas: Fluttr

Want to shake up your love life with some new date ideas in Toronto? Fluttr is the resource for you. It points you in the direction of the city’s best spots for romantic days and nights out of all kinds. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new restaurant in your neighbourhood, a cool gallery, a one-of-a-kind event or something completely different, this website can help you out.

Marriage Counseling: Lasting

Lasting is basically marriage counseling in an app. It takes the problem areas in your relationship and breaks down communication barriers so that you can actually solve your problems. Even if you aren’t in a rough patch, the app can help strengthen your communication and make you a better couple. Basically, it’s a must.

Finance: Honeydue

Money is always a touchy subject. If you have trouble talking about it, think about downloading a budgeting app for couples like Honeydue. This handy little tool helps you budget, track spending and keep all of your bills in order as a team.

Recipes: SideChef

Bored of your regular dinner menu? Well, maybe it’s time to shake things up. SideChef helps you plan your meals for the week in less than 10 minutes with personalized recipes for your diet and tastes. Not only will this add a few new items to your recipe book, but making dinner together can be a lot more fun than hitting up a restaurant, so it may be time to test your skills in the kitchen.

Delivery: Goodfood

If you and your partner are equally clueless in the kitchen, Goodfood is your go-to site. It deliveries meal kits complete with portioned out ingredients and simple recipes to follow. If you’ve dreamed of having cozy at home dinners, but don’t know how to slice and sautee on your own, this is sure to help.

Music: Spotify

Every good date deserves a killer playlist. Use Spotify to create a collaborative tracklist so that you and your S.O. can round up your favourite romantic tunes for date night. You can always spice things up and throw in a few wildcards, just for fun. P.S. if you’re not exactly a playlist pro, you can always snag one from another Spotify user – there’s no shortage to choose from.

Love Connection: The 5 Love Languages

Have difficulty connecting with your partner? It may be time to learn their love language. The 5 Love Languages website offers a quiz that points to what you need most from your partner, whether that be physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts or acts of service. After both of you take it, your connection is almost guaranteed to grow stronger.

Fitness: Couple Fitness

We all go through workout slumps, but if your ready to get jacked or just shed a few pounds, Couple Fitness can help. This app for couples offers workouts that you can tackle as a team, providing you with all the tips, videos and photos you need to absolutely crush your workouts.

Home Reno, Design & Decor: Houzz

If you have a Pinterest account, are avid TLC watchers or just love searching through home decor stores on your days off, Houzz is the site for you. It allows you to find home reno and decor professionals, shop for home goods and will provide you with all the inspo you could ever need. Basically, it gives you all the tools you’ll need to take your home to the next level.