6 Tips for Small Space Living

You don’t need a lot of space to make a home feel cozy and inviting. From a design plan to lighting ideas, there are some tips and tricks for small space living that can help you make the most of your humble abode.

Here are 6 tips for small space living.


1. Think About Design

Before moving in, have a well thought-out design in mind that takes advantage of every single square foot. Make sure you know your measurements, and have a floor plan before purchasing anything.

2. Less Is More 

For small space living, minimize all your possessions and select a style that is clean and simple. That doesn’t mean it needs to be cold, utilitarian or ultramodern – just not over-furnished or overdecorated.

3. Multitask

Furnish with smaller-scale items that serve more than one purpose. For example, have a coffee table or bench that provides extra storage, a sofa that pulls out into a bed, or even a desk by day and dining table by night.

4. Clutter-Buster

Organization is made easy these days with innovative storage solutions, such as custom designs for the inside of closets and cupboards. Built-in bookshelves and TV units are other great ways to get objects off the floor and into place —  essential for small space living.

5. Light Fantastic

Wherever possible, use wall-mounted fixtures, which don’t require the same amount of space as portable fixtures.

6. Optical Illusion

Some materials and colors can actually make a room appear more spacious than it is. Lucite side tables, strategically placed mirrors (to reflect light) and even a white sofa work really well for small space living…just like magic!

Image(s): Christopher Stevenson; pictogram by Lisa Walker

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