iOS 7 Adoption by 2life App Users

Yesterday Apple announced iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad, and users seem eager to update and take it for a spin. “We are already seeing that our 2life app users are quickly adopting the new operating system,” says 2life Lead Developer, Tim Mitra. “We are tracking iOS 7 adoption rates in anticipation of our imminent update that will incorporate design changes and new iOS 7 features such as AirDrop.”

Stay tuned for 2life app’s iOS 7 update, which will be available soon!

UPDATED September 21, 2:10 PM: 14.3 % of 2life app users have adopted iOS 7

UPDATED September 25, 10:55 am: 21.5% of 2life users have adopted iOS 7.0

2life iOS7 Adoption Sept 25, 2013

2lifeiOS_7_Adoption_Sept 21

2lifeiOS_7_Adoption_Sept 19


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