Fall Bucket List For Couples

The leaves are changing and so should your dates! If you’re looking to mix up your regular routine of ordering in takeout and strolling around the park with your furry friend, add some of these activities from our fall bucket list for couples. Sure, you could do some of them in summer or winter, but we think they’re best reserved for sweater season.

Here is our fall bucket list for couples.

Bid farewell to patio season
Go to your romantic restaurant and snag a table outdoors. You need to enjoy the good weather while it lasts!

Craft your own pumpkin spice lattes
You can be #basic without even taking a trip to Starbucks.

Go back to school
Just because you’re adults doesn’t mean you can’t try new things. Take a pottery, cycle or cooking class to learn a new skill together.

Cuddle by the fire
It’s no longer a million degrees out, so start collecting kindling.

Hit the farmers market
… then use your goodies to make dinner together.

Host a block party
Don’t forget to plan some fun and games.

Discover a new show on Netflix
You’ll need something to fill your Sunday nights now that Game of Thrones has ended.

Celebrate Oktoberfest
Bottoms up, lovebirds!

Hit up a concert
Try seeing an artist you’ve never heard of, they may be the perfect surprise addition to your fall playlist.

Go on a road trip
…and take every scenic route you can.

Pick apples
Sometimes all you need is some good wholesome fun.

Revamp your wardrobes
Sweater season is upon us.

Get out of town
Let’s be honest, you two deserve a romantic getaway.

Make some boozy apple cider
Is there any better beverage? Answer: no.

Drive to the country and get lost in a corn maze
It’s not just for kids, I promise!

Ride horses
You can literally ride off into the sunset together (how cute is that?!).

Visit a fall fair
Don’t forget to make out on the ferris wheel.

Rent a cottage
It’s the perfect time to cozy up in a cabin.

Go to a drive-in movie
So much better than binge-watching The Office for another night in a row.

Embrace your inner children and jump in a pile of leaves
You’ll have to rake your lawn to make it happen, so really this counts as chores.

Cook a Thanksgiving feast together
Nothing says “I love you” like figuring out how to roast a turkey together.

Get spooked at a haunted house
Facing your fears will be a lot easier with your S.O. in tow.

Marathon some scary movies
‘Tis the season.

Tour your local breweries
Or wineries, if you prefer chardonnays to IPAs.

Decorate your place for Halloween
Time to try out some of those Pinterest crafts you’ve been saving.

Bundle up and go for a hike
Don’t forget to bring your phone! The changing leaves are the perfect background for a couple selfie.

Have a pumpkin carving face-off
Winner takes all.

Sport a couples Halloween costume
Whether you want to be Veronica and Archie or Zoolander and Hansel is your call.

Have your last bonfire of the year
You gotta do it before the snow hits.

Celebrate the beginning of hockey season
Go to a game or play one-on-one.

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