Vote For 2life In The 2013 Digi Awards

We’re stoked to have entered our 2life app in nextMEDIA’s 2013 Digi Awards, an annual event that recognizes the very best in Canadian digital media.

Experts from across the country come together to determine which entries are worthy of being crowned among Canada’s digital elite. This year they’ve opened up the rules to give the audience a say — and your vote matters! As nextMEDIA’s site explains, “you can propel a company, project or executive to become a finalist in the 2013 Digi Awards by voting for your favorite entry.”

So, if you love 2life (and we hope you do!) please show your support by voting for our entry. Each person can only vote once, so the more you share this link the more you’ll help to make a difference for our app, which has hopefully made a difference in your life!

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