14 Date Night Ideas For Expecting Parents

Like everything else in your life, Date Night changes when you’re pregnant. No more daredevil stunts followed by cocktails and all-you-can-eat sushi. Spend quality time together in a low-key fashion with these romantic, pregnancy-friendly date night ideas.

1. Explore a museum or art gallery.

2. Have a relaxing beach day.

3. Attend a concert or play.

4. Enjoy a spa day.

5. Practice yoga together.

6. Experiment with maternity lingerie.

7. Plan an overnight getaway.

8. Go out for ice cream.

9. Walk the trails at a local park, ravine, or conservation area.

10. Chill out at a board game coffee shop.

11. Have a movie night at home.

12. Go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant.

13. Stay in your PJs and have breakfast in bed.

14. Go to the movies.

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