Crying Subway Bride Mystery Solved!

Things are looking pretty bad for the woman pictured here.  Slumped forward, all alone in a wedding dress on the subway — was she a runaway bride? Stood up at the altar? A Disney character who’d accidentally wandered into the real world? (Wait, that’s Enchanted.)

Her picture was snapped by a stranger, and then posted to Twitter, where it created a sympathy-storm on social media. The Twitterverse dubbed her the “Stamford Bridge Bride” after the name of the stop where the pic was taken.

Turns out – this new bride had just had a little too much to drink! She and her new hubby were fresh from a registry office wedding, and all that champagne toasting had made her a wee bit queasy.

The couple couldn’t afford a honeymoon, so some fairy godmother friends gave the sports fanatics the next best thing — tickets to see their favorite team play that very afternoon. One caveat — they go dressed in their wedding finest.

One woman’s pumpkin coach is another’s London tube!